Amendments to COVID-19 Ordinance and Public Health Order 06-2020

Elkhart County Commissioners Amend COVID-19 Ordinance

Elkhart County Health Officer Amends Public Health Order

Elkhart County, Indiana (March 8, 2021) –

The Elkhart County Commissioners and Elkhart County Health Officer continue to work together as they evaluate the level of local government involvement necessary to address COVID-19 in Elkhart County. This morning, Dr. Bethany A. Wait executed the First Amendment to Public Health Order 06-2020. This health order amendment serves to further align the local public health order with the restrictions required by Governor Holcomb’s executive orders. Following the health order amendment, the number of individuals able to attend a social gathering or event without advanced Elkhart County Health Department approval will be determined by the parameters set forth in Governor Holcomb’s executive order. Dr. Wait notes: “The health department remains willing to answer questions about your plans, even for smaller events. Please continue to stay vigilant and hold fast to our mitigation efforts as it is working to control the spread of COVID-19.”

At the Commissioners’ meeting this morning, the Commissioners approved an amendment to Restated Ordinance No. 2020-38. The ordinance amendment removes the fine structure previously contained as a part of the incremental enforcement measures. “We are happy to see Elkhart County reach this point, where the previous level of local government oversight is no longer necessary,” added Frank Lucchese. Following the ordinance amendment, Elkhart County officials will continue to educate and encourage businesses as they develop and enforce their COVID-19 Response Plans. “Thank you to Elkhart County for responding in such a way that no citation orders or fines were ever issued,” stated Suzanne Weirick.

These amendments were made in response to the diligent efforts of Elkhart County businesses and community members to independently implement the COVID-19 mitigation directives established by Governor Holcomb and confirmed by Public Health Order 06-2020. The two amendments approved today do not contradict or lessen the restrictions required by Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order 21-06, as confirmed in Public Health Order 06-2020. Instead, the amendments reduce the level of governmental oversight exercised in Elkhart County.

The amendments both go into effect at 12:01 am on March 9, 2021.

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To download a copy of Ordinance No. 2021-14 amending Restated Ordinance No. 2020-38, click here. To download a copy in Spanish, click here.