A Statement from the Elkhart County Health Officer Regarding Masking Recommendation

Elkhart County is now in advisory level yellow with a positivity rate of 9.42%, which is near advisory level orange. Our local hospitals have seen a dramatic increase in hospital admissions and emergency room visits in the last 10 days. We strongly encourage all eligible unvaccinated individuals to be vaccinated. Visit OurShot.IN.gov or call 574.523.2283 to make an appointment.

The Elkhart County Health Department strongly encourages our local private schools, public schools, school boards, and school administrators to consider reinstituting a stronger indoor masking policy for all support staff, teachers and students while our community sees this rapid spread of the Delta variant. Masking during times of high spread within a community will help to slow the spread of COVID-19, in turn keeping our children in school for learning, our businesses open, and our hospitals accessible.

I want to advise Elkhart County families that Goshen Health and Elkhart General are not equipped to care for severely ill children with COVID-19. Please remember that we share two regional children’s hospitals with the surrounding counties and have limited bed capacity.

I strongly encourage businesses to consider the health and safety of their employees and encourage masking indoors to control the spread within their facilities.

Elkhart County, I am respectfully asking that you return to wearing your masks while we have this significant spread of COVID-19 in our community.

A downloadable copy of this statement can be found by clicking here.

A downloadable letter from Beacon Health with their masking recommendation can be found by clicking here.