Who we are and why we're active

Since 2000, 379 people have unnecessarily ended their lives in Elkhart County. In many cases, (four of every five) these individuals gave warning signs of their intent, but often, those signs are misunderstood, not recognized, or sadly not acted upon by those close to the person — family members, peers, counselors, or school officials.

Death by suicide ends one life and affects many others. On average, no less than eighteen individuals will be personally affected by the emotional heartache and, potentially, physical illness while trying to understand the event and the reasoning behind it. Hundreds, if not thousands of Elkhart County residents, have suffered in one way or another because of suicide.

The Elkhart County Suicide Prevention Coalition works in the community to provide resources and information to those seeking help. We reach out and offer support to those affected by this tragedy. Since our formation in October 2003, our mission has been to provide viable alternatives to suicide and reduce the overall incidence of these events.

We are educators, mental health specialists, therapy providers, and volunteers. Above all else, we are people who care.

Presentations: Our coalition members are available to speak to community groups and agencies, schools, workplaces, and religious organizations. Please call coalition member Barb Welty at 574-523-2119 to schedule.

Training: Please visit our training page for up-to-date information on dates and times of particular educational events. When possible, we work with professional and certifying organizations to provide continuing education units (CEUs).