Birth Certificate Information

ECHD Vital Records birth certificates come in one standard size. The standard birth certificate is a certified 8.5” by 5.5” copy of identifying information extracted from the original birth certificate. Wallet size certificates are no longer available. The Apostille and long-form birth certificates are only available through the Indiana State Department of Health-Vital Records Department.

We only issue birth certificates to individuals where the birth occurred in Elkhart County. We cannot issue birth certificates to individuals where the birth occurred in another county or state. Requests must be made directly to the vital records in the state where the birth occurred.

A record cannot be identified as available prior to purchase because under State statute (IC 16-37-1-11 and IC 37-1-11.5), the fee associated with a birth certificate is for the Vital Records office to search the records to determine if a record is on file. The search fee includes one certified copy of the certificate if the record is found; search fees are non-refundable.

Simple corrections may be made to an individual’s own birth record, or their minor child’s if no other correction or court order has ever been filed against the record. If minor corrections need to be made to a birth certificate, please read the section below titled Correct/Amend a Birth Certificate.

Home Birth registration is also available in this office. According to Indiana Law, as of July 1, 2014, if a home birth is not registered with the Local Health Department by one (1) year of age, it is considered a delayed registration and must be filed with the Indiana State Department of Health.

Process to obtain a birth certificate at ECHD Vital Records for own or minor child record

  • Complete a birth certificate application
  • Provide valid identification
  • Provide proof of address, if applicable
  • If the applicant has had a name change since born or given birth, they will need to provide proper documentation showing the change(s)
  • Payment
ECHD ID Valid Identification Requirements

Who Can Obtain a Birth Certificate?

The requestor must have a “direct interest.” A direct interest is defined as a documented and verifiable financial and legal interest, or an immediate direct kinship (parent, adult sibling, or grandparent) to the person named on the record.

Others such as guardians, attorneys, funeral directors, or other authorized agents acting on behalf of the registrant or their family may demonstrate a direct interest when information is needed for determination or protection of personal or property rights.

Depending on the individual’s interest in the record, additional documentation may be required.

  • Parents of the individual listed on the certificate – must be listed on the record
  • Grandparents of the individual listed on the certificate – must be the parent of a parent listed on the record and show proof of relationship
  • Sibling, 18 years or older, of individual listed on the certificate – must show proof of relationship
  • Child or Grandchild, 18 years or older, of individual named on the certificate – must show proof of relationship
  • Current Spouse of individual named on the certificate – must show proof of marriage
  • Aunt or Uncle of individual named on the certificate – must show proof of relationship
  • Court-Appointed Legal Guardian – must have ID and provide guardianship papers with seal
  • An attorney representing individual named on the certificate – must have ID for self and provide a document with direct interest spelled out on letterhead or court documents
  • Social Agency – must have work ID with court documents or signed authorization from the client
  • State and Federal Agencies – must have work ID and provide a document with direct interest spelled out on letterhead, court documents, or signed authorization from the client

For a full listing of identification requirements, please see the Identification Requirements page within the Birth Information section of this website.

Correct/Amend a Birth Certificate

In some cases, it is necessary to correct or amend a birth certificate. Here are the common cases which they occur and how the Elkhart County Health Department can help.

Correction by Notification

This is a minor correction a new parent can request to their child’s birth certificate and only if a Paternity Affidavit was not done. The parent(s) have until the child is 2 years old to make a Correction by Notification and the parent(s) listed on the birth certificate must sign the Correction by Notification form and identification is required for parent(s) and supporting documentation for the correction. There is a fee of $15.00 for the Correction by Notification.

Paternity Affidavit

If the father is not on the birth certificate and both parents are in agreement to add him onto the birth certificate. You can contact our office to schedule an appointment for a Paternity Affidavit. At this appointment, all parties must attend (mother, father and child). Our office will need to obtain information from each parent to complete a document that will be notarized during your appointment. Once the document has been notarized the father will be added to the birth certificate and we will produce a certified birth certificate with the father added. The Paternity Affidavit fee is $75.00, requires an appointment, and (1) certified birth certificate. Additional birth certificates will be available for an additional fee.

Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday between 8am and 3pm.

Copies of Paternity Affidavit

If a Paternity Affidavit was done at Elkhart General Hospital, Goshen Hospital or by Elkhart County Vital Records, we are able to produce a copy of your paternity affidavit for a $5.00 fee.

Affidavit Requesting Amendment

If you have a minor correction to make to your birth certificate. Minor corrections include minor spelling changes, minor date of birth changes (day only), or place of birth of parents; documentary evidence is required to verify the change requested. Documents submitted must be over ten (10) years old to be acceptable as evidence and at least (2) documents are required. There is a $20.00 fee for processing an Affidavit Requesting Amendment. Please come prior to 3pm weekdays to allow for time to process an Affidavit Requesting Amendment.

Accepted Documents to Amend or Correct a Birth Certificate

Court Ordered Changes

Examples are Name Change Orders, and Paternity Affidavits done via Court. We will need an original, certified court order document(s) that we will keep to send to the State of Indiana. There will be a $15.00 Correction by Notification fee for making the changes plus the certificate fee(s).


Once the adoption has been registered with the State of Indiana Vital Records, we will be able to produce the birth certificate as long as the child was born in Elkhart County. We would not have the birth certificate if the child was born outside of Elkhart County and the Adoption took place in Elkhart County.

Birth Record Fees

Elkhart County Vital Records Birth Fee(s)

Certified Birth Certificate - $15.00 each

Non-Certified Birth Certificate - $8.00 each

Plastic Birth Pouch - $2.00 each

Paternity Affidavit - $75.00, Includes: 1 Certified Birth Certificate

Copy of Paternity Affidavit document - $5.00

Corrections by Notification - $15.00

Affidavit Requesting Amendment - $20.00

Payment Terms:

  • No Personal Checks Accepted.
  • Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order.
  • Credit Card *In office only, Service fee applies to all debit/credit card transactions, and Cardholder must be present to sign the receipt.*
  • No refunds.